We are proud to say that at Teryair we are all vaccinated against COVID 19

We are proud to say that at teryair – we are vaccinated against COVID 19

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Keeping our Employees Safe From COVID-19

Our business, being in the manufacturing sector, faced a bigger challenge during the COVID pandemic. Here, the luxury of working from home was never an option for a majority of our staff. So we decided the second best option – to follow the best protocols to keep our workforce as safe as possible.

We tried to address the various needs of everyone – by firstly communicating and educating our workforce on COVID protocols- and assuring them of our support should anyone face any difficulty – An extensive health insurance policy was taken to cover any illness due to COVID – so that they had peace of mind should they, or a family member fall sick. The management was very open to phone calls and timely help for anyone who needed it – especially addressing the taboo if one were to fall ill – and ensure that they sought and received timely help.

Masking up – by providing everyone with new, disposable masks daily was mandatory. We sanitized our work space regularly and ensured as much social distancing as possible. Those who could work from home – were instructed to do so. Ofcourse, ALL the government protocols were followed.

Keeping our employees safe from COVID 19

We also conducted wide scale testing for all our employees to catch and contain asymptomatic cases – which was great in containing the spread of the virus.

However – the happiest moment was last week – when we managed to procure and vaccinate all our eligible employees and their families in a comfortable safe environment – despite the hurdles regarding vaccine shortages we are currently facing in India. 

So now, we can safely say that at teryair – we feel safe and are happy to be back at work in full force. Look forward to serving our customers with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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