1- An Air motor is economical, HP for HP, (that’s if you using Teryair :-)) compared to the electrical or hydraulic motor.

2- An air motor can be overloaded and stalled, no damage done, just restart them. Other motors don’t do stalling well.

3- An air motor is inherently explosion proof, safe for use in explosive zones. Check for Atex or IECEx certification on the selected motor. ( All Teryair motors are Ex certified out of the box).

4- An air motor exhibits good rising torque when loaded. Very good characteristic for varying load applications, lifting, pulling, etc. And they are tiny, yes 1/3rd the area of an equivalent electric motor.

5- Great for high power to weight equipment, chain saws, impact wrenches where day long operator handling is needed.

Teryair manufacturers a series of explosion proof air motors in seven sizes, all explosion proof and also available in lube free versions for cleanroom applications. Our application engineers can assist with motor selection and design into your