Teryair Equipment Receives US Patent Approval for Innovative Non-Stall Valve for AODD Pumps

 Teryair Equipment Receives US Patent Approval for Innovative Non-Stall Valve for AODD Pumps 


Teryair Equipment is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic machinery such as AODD pumps and Air Motors. Distributors worldwide rely on Teryair as an important part of their portfolio of products, a part that is usually growing fast !!

Now Teryair Equipment is proud to announce the successful approval of its US patent application for a revolutionary Non-Stall Valve designed specifically for AODD (Air-Operated Double Diaphragm) pumps.

The benefits of this innovative Non-Stall Valve extend far beyond simply preventing stalling. AODD pumps equipped with Teryair’s valve will deliver increased productivity by relying on the solid reliability of these valves, improved air efficiency resulting in improved performance by using less compressed air, and significant savings in operational costs by simply using less air for more volume pumped.

This patent approval is a testament to Teryair’s commitment to innovation and its position as an upcoming leader in pumping technology. Teryair is grateful for the dedication and hard work of our talented team, who continuously strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Teryair is enthusiastic about collaborating with industry partners to implement this technology into various pumping systems. Together, we can redefine pumping standards and contribute to the growth and success of businesses worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey. For inquiries about licensing opportunities or to learn more about our revolutionary Non-Stall Valve, feel free to reach out to us at info@teryair.com

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