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Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Teryair Pneumatic Impact Wrenches deliver extremely high power to fasten and loosen bolts or nuts for quick assembling and disassembling jobs.

PIW 13 and PIW 19 have a rocking dog clutch mechanism, this is the best-proven clutch system for smaller size wrenches, it transmits torque smoothly and with minimum vibration

PIW 25, PIW 32 and PIW 38 feature the advanced pinless hammer mechanism, which is well suited for trouble free operation especially in the high torque applications.

Both clutch systems are easy to maintain.

All Teryair impact wrenches have an easy to use torque adjustment dial for fine tuning the output torque.

All models operate on standard 90 PSI air supply.


IMPA 590101/590105/590106/590107/590107/590108


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