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Vane Motor

Teryair pneumatic vane motor start from 0.8 KW (1.07HP) and go upto 7.1KW (9.5HP) All motors can be ordered in Lube free versions for clean room environments.

  • Vane Motor Features & Advantages
  • Vane motors are self-cooling and therefore run cool and can
    be operated continuously.
  • They can be configured for high roational speeds.
  • They can be stalled without damage to components, when
    stalled there is no consumption of energy.
  • Compact size compared to electrical motors.
  • No decline in motor efficiency over time, bearings & vanes
    are replaceable to restore motors efficiency.
  • No damage from overloading.
  • Speed and torque can be variable by simple modulation of
    input air pressure and air volume.
  • Easily and rapidly and repeatedly reversible.
  • Easy maintenance & repair with low cost comparedto
    electrical motors.
  • Lightweight, cool running, stall resistance and explosion
  • Availability with mounting flexibility & full warranty sure.




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