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The pharmaceutical industry is the part of the healthcare sector that deals with medications. The industry comprises different subfields pertaining to the research, development and production of medications. These more or less interdependent subfields consist of labs, drug manufacturers and biotechnology companies.

The liquids that require in pharma manufacturing —which can run the gamut from extremely shear-sensitive to extremely viscous—and semi-solids can range from liquid glucose to polymer slurries. Pharmaceutical and biochemical fluids currently pumped. with diaphragm pumps include blood and by-products, live cell cultures and vaccine producing solutions, egg emulsions for vaccine production, pill coatings, eye care solutions, fluids for oncology, specialized disinfectants, nutraceuticals, vitamins, topicals (creams/lotions), filter media and much more.


The use of AODD technology can guarantee their safe transfer during the production process. No matter the method used to produce drug or pharma manufacturing, the actual manufacturing process is a precise one that must be performed under demanding, exacting conditions, often in a cleanroom environment that prohibits instances of product leakage, fouling or cross-contamination. Our AODP fits in exactly to the specifications and dynamics of pharma manufacturing.

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