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Vane Motors

Teryair manufactures a growing range of pneumatic equipment and tools. The equipment boasts of cutting edge features, comparable with the world’s best technologies. Teryair equipment competes successfully against industry-leading brands, feature for feature. Teryair pneumatic vane motors are manufactured under a robust ISO 9001:2015 QA system.

The production facility is state of the art and the motors produced have a CE approval and Ex Certification. Every pneumatic vane motor is thoroughly tested on a test bench for horsepower, speed, and torque. We promise unrivaled product reliability. Spares are readily available at the distributor level and at our factory warehouse. Teryair pneumatic vane motor start from 0.8 KW (1.07HP) and go up to 7.1KW (9.5HP) All motors can be ordered in Lube free versions for clean room environments.

Lubricated or Lube-free ?

The Lubricated series of vane motors are suitable for general applications. See the Code explanations on page six. Standard motors can take a maximum inlet air pressure of 7Kg/cm2 (7 bar) and like any other pneumatic machinery, needs a lubricator fitted online. Lubricated motors offer the most economical solution.

Applications where the working environment around the motor is sensitive to pollution, exhaust traces of oil mist are not allowable, need lube-free motors. These motors can operate totally without lubrication and do not exhaust any contaminants into the atmosphere. They are ideal for applications which need such clean environments such as food and pharma processing. Lube-free motors operate at a max pressure of 5.6kg/cm2 (5 bar)

Both Lubricated and lube-free motors are Atex Certified by default. They have an Ex code of EX II 2 G D c T4

All teryair motors are CE certified as meeting European Directives: (2006/42/EC) Machinery Safety and Harmonized standards.


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