How life changes, How emotions run to highs and lows – How the world can have tremendous highs and lows.

It was 15 years ago When we at Teryair realised the importance of quality and comfort which we needed to offer our customers worldwide. So we decided to bite the bullet and undertake the task of getting ourselves ISO certified. It was a relatively new concept in India, and us being a small company at the time – took on this (what seemed like in those years) mammoth task. We were sceptical, our staff was sceptical and friends wondered if we were crazy devoting the hours in training and details of cleaning up and matching g our operations to align with ISO.

So on that day – 11th of September 2001, When we finally after gruelling hours received the coveted green signal on the ISO – we decided to celebrate with a big dinner at the Sea Rock hotel – Mumbai. The evening is so clear in my mind – it was a speciality Indian restaurant – 5 stars all the way with a Ghazal group performing. The food was delicious, and our kids – all of 4 and 5 at the time were … And then a couple of calls came in. – put on your TV set and watch the news!!! A plane has rammed into the world trade centre. I think before we reached desert – the second plane had struck. I could not believe the surreal surroundings – our Joy at certification was turned to shock and sorrow at the horror of events unfolding – whilst here at the restaurant – life went on -serene and the music played on.

On that day, the world as we knew it, changed forever. Our lives at Teryair changed too – and still, today, When we proudly say  – we are ISO certified and remember our elation!! there is a part of us that hurts – that still mourns for and silently prayers for the victims of that day who suffered when we were celebrating.

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